Thursday, November 6, 2014

Inca, Lyon Metal Shelving & More All Part of Our Massive Liquidation

Bargain Basement Pricing On Industrial Metal Shelving

Industrial steel shelving on sale
Used Industrial Steel Shelving On Sale Now
 Anyone who's in need of cheap metal shelving solutions is in luck, because we're liquidating our entire stock of metal shelving from manufacturers like Borroughs Corporation, Inca Metal Products, Lyon Workspace Products, Penco, and Republic. Now is the time to stock up on spare parts for your warehouse or put that addition together that you've been waiting on.

This breakdown constitutes all available components that we have for metal shelving. Parts are only compatible with their own brand of shelving, and supplies are limited. Everything is in great shape, though some parts may be labeled, and we have clips for just about everything, so happy hunting to all of you out there looking to expand you warehouse and workshop storage!
Used Inca metal shelving
Used Inca Metal Shelving Waiting to be Shipped

Used Metal Shelving Inventory & Pricing

Borroughs Corp Industrial Shelving

  • 18" D x 48" W Shelf; $5.00
  • 24" D x 48" W Shelf; $7.50
  • 18" D x 87" H Double Sided End Panel; $17.50
  • 18" D x 114" H Double Sided End Panel; $17.50
  • 24" x 99" Single Sided Closed End Panel; $17.50

Deluxe Steel Shelving

  • 18" D x 36" W Shelf; $5.00
  • 18" D x 48" W Shelf; $5.00
  • 18" D x 75" H Upright; Call for pricing
  • 18" D x 99" H Upright; Call for pricing

Frick Gallagher (Durham Mfg) Industrial Shelving

  • 18" D x 36" W Shelf; $5.00
  • 18" D x 42" W Shelf; $5.00
  • 18" D x 73" H Side Panel End; $12.50
  • 18" D x 73" H Intermediate Side Panel; $12.50
  • 18" D x 85" H Double Sided Closed End Panel; $17.50
  • 18" D x 85" H Single Sided Closed End Panel; $17.50

Inca Industrial Shelving

  • 12" D x 48" W Shelf; $6.00
  • 24" D x 48" W Shelf; $6.00
  • 87" Shelf Post; $2.50
  • 12" D x 87" H Closed End Panel; $6.00
  • 24" D x 87" H Closed End Panel; $6.00
  • 48" W x 87" H Back Panel; $7.50
  • 48" L X-Bracing; $2.00

Lyon Shelving

  • 12" D x 36" W Shelf; $2.50
  • 18" D x 36" W Shelf; $5.00
  • 24" D x 36" W Shelf; $5.00
  • 96" Open Shelving T Post; $5.00
  • Cross Brace For Open Shelving; $2.00
  • X-Bracing For Open Shelving; $2.00
  • 18" D x 87" W Double Sided End Panel; $7.50

Penco Industrial Shelving

  • 12" x 36" Shelf; $5.00
  • 18" x 48" Shelf; $5.00

Republic Industrial Shelving

  • 18" D x 36" W Shelf; $5.00
  • 24" D x 36" W Shelf; $5.00
  • 18" D x 85" H Upright; $27.50
  • 25" D x 106" H Upright; $27.50

Contact Us For More Used Material Handling Equipment

Like what you see? Contact us for a freight quote or with questions about more storage solutions. Anyone looking for complete systems built to order can contact us for an estimate. Write to us today!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Used Portable Stack Racks On Sale

$25 For Excellent Pre-Owned Portable Stack Racks

We've recently come by a number of used portable stack racks from a pallet rack liquidation. These stack racks measure 28" W x 44" D x 34" H and are on sale for $25 apiece. As you can see in the photos, several of them come fit with plywood panel side and bottoms. Each unit sells with a single bed, four corner posts, and plywood if included.
Used 28" W x 44" D x 34" H metal stack racks

Benefits of Portable Stack Racks

Stack racks offer a great way to arrange your storage space in whatever way you want, and to change it whenever you need. There's also no downplaying the portable aspect of these racks. They can be transported full of material via van truck or flatbed with ease. when not in use they can be efficiently flattened and stowed away to make room for other material.

The stack racks are available for pickup or delivery. They are being stored at our Sparta, Michigan facility. Anyone interested should contact us today!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Pre-Owned Rousseau Spider Metal Shelving A Simple Solution for Workplace Storage

Rousseau Metal Storage Solutions

It can be a struggle trying to find the best kind of storage solution for your warehouse, workshop, or parts center. If it's tools, hardware, or smaller components you need to store, pallet rack is likely too cumbersome, not to mention inflexible when it comes to changing things around. If you can see yourself expanding business or rearranging your current layout, you don't want to start from scratch and throw out what you have, either. You want something that meets your requirements for weight capacity, space utilization, and convenience, but it needs to be adaptable. So coming to your rescue is Spider Shelving by Rousseau Metal.

Rousseau Spider metal shelving

Simplicity and Versatility

Rousseau Spider metal shelving such an effective storage solution that we installed a fairly large system for small parts storage in our own warehouse in Sparta, Michigan. We recently added a catwalk mezzanine with more shelving to recover once wasted space and let our workers pick items without the need for rolling ladders. This shows you just one way in which Rousseau Spider metal shelving can be modified to address issues that are peculiar to the layout of your own facility.

Two-level Rousseau Spider shelving utilizing a catwalk mezzanine at Speedrack Midwest in Sparta, Michigan
Remove the catwalk mezzanine and you still have high-rise shelving that perfectly accommodates rolling ladders. Or just as well remove the second-level shelving and lay a deck on top to create space for a new workshop or other operations. This only just scratches the surface of what we can do with Rousseau Spider shelving. You can combine shelving with mini-racking, drawers-in shelving, and modular office stations to create virtually any kind of work environment you need.

Using Rousseau products to build a complete work environment
You've seen how we put Rousseau to use in our own warehouse. Imagine what it could do for yours. Whether it's one thing or many that you're looking for, there's a strong chance there's a Rousseau product that will work for you. Ranging from metal shelving and mini-racking to cabinets, computer stations, and mobile storage units, you can get what you need to serve you in your given field.

We're stocked with basic pre-owned Rousseau Spider shelving components to get you started. Reduce your costs by taking this route, and then consider all the ways you can add on. It's a good time to get excited about building a new storage system, and we're here to help make it happen.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Used Unarco T-Bolt Pallet Rack Uprights & Beams In Stock

42" D and 48" D Unarco T-Bolt Pallet Rack Uprights

We're happy to report the recent acquisition of a large shipment of used Unarco T-Bolt pallet rack uprights. These are in great condition and are being priced to move immediately. If you recognize this rack in your warehouse you may want to stock up on these used parts now.
48" D x 324" H Unarco T-Bolt pallet rack uprights
Choose from standard 42" D and 48" D uprights ranging in height from 216" to 324". All product ships from Sparta, Michigan 49345.
  • 42" x 216" T-Bolt uprights
  • 48" x 216" T-Bolt uprights
  • 48" x 324" T-Bolt uprights

All uprights are in excellent condition

Complete T-Bolt Pallet Racking Systems Available

This is the first large supply of used Unarco T-Bolt uprights we have had in some time. We're happy now to offer these to customers who want to expand their existing T-Bolt pallet rack systems. We also have a large supply of load beams that can be used to build complete pallet racking systems.
  • 3-1/4" x 96" T-Bolt load beams
  • 6" x 107" T-Bolt load beams
  • 5" x 108" T-Bolt load beams

Unarco T-Bolt pallet rack load beams also in stock
Contact us for a free quote today! These uprights will be moving fast. If you're interested in a full system we can provide free CAD layouts to show how it will look in your warehouse.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Blowout On Used 24" W x 120" Gravity Conveyor

24" W x 10' L Gravity Conveyor Beds for $120

Used 24" W x 120" L Gravity Conveyor Beds

Are you looking for a cheap and fast solution to connect product lines from one area to another? If you've been thinking along the lines of gravity conveyor, this may be your golden ticket. We have thousands of feet of used Rapistan 24" W gravity conveyor in 10' beds. Each unit sells for $120. All parts are in great working condition.
Over 3000 linear feet available
One important detail is the presence of a 1-1/4" vertical lip on the outside of one side channel. It helps to prevent product slip-off and wouldn't interfere with any standard operations. Here are the full specs:

Length: 120" L
Overall Width: 24" W
Channel Depth: 3 1/2" D
Width Between Frames: 22" BF
Rollers Centers: 4" OC
Roller Diameter: 1.9" DIA
Manufacturer: Rapistan Dematic
Color Finish: Green
1-1/4" vertical lip on one side channel

Contact us!

All material is located in Sparta, Michigan. Contact us today for a freight quote.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Michigan Liquidation Offers Up Paltier Pallet Rack and More

We have a big announcement this week with the recent acquisition of a large supply of pre-owned Paltier pallet rack. These are coming from a liquidation we're performing in our very backyard in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Everything is in hand now and we're finishing up with sorting out all parts and sizes. Everything looks great, and it'll look even better once it's loaded on another truck and headed to your place! If you want a refresher on the difference between Paltier and teardrop rack, check out our previous post here.
Paltier pallet rack from our Grand Rapids, MI liquidation
More news will be coming down the pipe. Besides the Paltier pallet rack, some structural pallet rack, cantilever rack, and assorted wire mesh deck made the journey to our warehouse as well. Product announcements are on the way for other equipment. In the meantime here's a general look at what we now have in stock from the liquidation.
Our last shipment of Paltier pallet rack arrives from our Grand Rapids, MI liquidation

Paltier pallet rack load beams

  • (125) 4" x 60" Paltier load beams
  • (20) 4" x 74" Paltier load beams
  • (1000) 4" x 96" Paltier load beams
  • (56) 6" x 96" Paltier load beams
  • (8) 4" x 108" Paltier load beams
  • (100) 6" x 144" Paltier load beams

Paltier pallet rack uprights

  • (7) 34" x 57" Paltier uprights
  • (42) 34" x 120" Paltier uprights
  • (6) 34" x 168" Paltier uprights
  • (3) 34" x 192" Paltier uprights
  • (8) 36" x 144" Paltier uprights
  • (5) 42" x 120" Paltier uprights
  • (2) 42" x 144" Paltier uprights
Paltier pallet rack uprights banded together and ready to ship!
Contact us now for pricing and to tell us what you're looking for. You won't find this much Paltier pallet rack in one spot, and it won't be around for long!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Crown GPC 2040-S Low Level Order Pickers For Sale

We have 7 pre-owned Crown GPC 2040-S low level order pickers in stock. These were produced in 2005. All come with battery chargers and only one is not in working condition.

Crown GPC 2040-S low level order pickers

Crown GPC 2040-S specifications:

  • 4000 lb. load capacity
  • 24V battery, type E
  • 600 AMP hrs, 6 hr. charge rate
  • 2060 lbs. with battery, 1840 lbs. without battery
You can call to request serial numbers and logged work hours. We have a user manual on hand. Users are able to ride on or walk beside the GPC 2040-S. If you could use an application-specific fork truck for low level picking, you won't find better than these pre-owned Crown GPC-2040-S order pickers. They ship from Sparta, MI 49345.

Contact Speedrack Midwest today online or at 616-887-3576!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Used Paltier pallet rack PLUS Paltier ID guide!

If you're one of the folks out there who is still using Paltier pallet rack then you're always on the lookout for some high quality used equipment. Luckily for you we just got in a batch of excellent used load beams and uprights for Paltier pallet rack. Sizes are listed below.

Paltier Load Beams:
  • 4" x 95-3/4" Slotted Beams, 3 Lugs, Built In Spring Clip, 3/4" Step
  • 3-1/2" x 95-3/4" Slotted Beams, 3 Lugs, Built In Spring Clip
Paltier 3-1/2" x 95-3/4" Slotted Beams
Paltier Uprights:
  • 33-1/2" x 96" Uprights, 3 x 1-5/8 Open Back Column
  • 35-1/4" x 92-1/4" Uprights, 3 x 1-5/8 Open Back Column
  • 35-1/4" x 96" Uprights, 3 x 1-5/8 Open Back Column
Paltier 33-1/2" x 96" Uprights

Correctly Identify Paltier Pallet Rack and Avoid a Common Mistake

It helps to know that Paltier pallet rack can very easily be mistaken for the much more ubiquitous style of teardrop pallet rack. Load beams are easy to differentiate by their connector plates; the problem lies in the uprights. Use the tips below to correctly identify Paltier pallet rack before adding onto your system.

The holes punched in Paltier uprights are thinner than teardrop holes and are also individually symmetrical. The image below shows you the hole pattern on the front of a Paltier upright column.
Paltier-style hole pattern
Compare that to a standard teardrop hole pattern. Notice that the holes are wider and the tapering of each individual hole is asymmetrical, with a smooth curve on the outside and a slight pinch on the inside. If the holes appear to pinch toward one another like you see here, you have teardrop rack.
Teardrop-style hole pattern
You may find that Paltier load beams fit into teardrop uprights. That may be so; they may fit into the holes, but they will not secure properly. An approximate match is never the right match. We always urge you to use compatible components when assembling pallet rack, and never to mix styles.

If you ever have a question about your current pallet rack, please consult us and we will figure out what you need. For those who are interested in our used Paltier pallet rack, call us at 616-887-3576 or contact us online!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Light duty Interlake pallet rack new in stock

We just got in a large shipment of used teardrop load beams and wire mesh deck from a single facility that would work beautifully in a new application. All equipment is in excellent shape. If you have a use for light duty storage, let us know!
  • Interlake 2 1/4" x 90" teardrop load beams, 3/4" step, 2 round rivets, slidelock
  • Interlake 2 1/4" x 66" teardrop load beams, 3/4" step, 2 round rivets, slidelock
  • Interlake 2 1/4" x 36" teardrop load beams, 3/4" step, 2 round rivets, slidelock
Interlake 2 1/4" x 90" teardrop pallet rack load beams
2 round rivets per end plate
3/4" step beams
    48" D x 42" W wire mesh deck;  45 3/4" L channel, 3/4" notch step
    Used 48" D x 42" W wire mesh deck
    45 3/4" L channel, 3/4" step
    Contact us to get a quote on this excellent pre-owned rack today.