Thursday, October 9, 2014

Used Portable Stack Racks On Sale

$25 For Excellent Pre-Owned Portable Stack Racks

We've recently come by a number of used portable stack racks from a pallet rack liquidation. These stack racks measure 28" W x 44" D x 34" H and are on sale for $25 apiece. As you can see in the photos, several of them come fit with plywood panel side and bottoms. Each unit sells with a single bed, four corner posts, and plywood if included.
Used 28" W x 44" D x 34" H metal stack racks

Benefits of Portable Stack Racks

Stack racks offer a great way to arrange your storage space in whatever way you want, and to change it whenever you need. There's also no downplaying the portable aspect of these racks. They can be transported full of material via van truck or flatbed with ease. when not in use they can be efficiently flattened and stowed away to make room for other material.

The stack racks are available for pickup or delivery. They are being stored at our Sparta, Michigan facility. Anyone interested should contact us today!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Pre-Owned Rousseau Spider Metal Shelving A Simple Solution for Workplace Storage

Rousseau Metal Storage Solutions

It can be a struggle trying to find the best kind of storage solution for your warehouse, workshop, or parts center. If it's tools, hardware, or smaller components you need to store, pallet rack is likely too cumbersome, not to mention inflexible when it comes to changing things around. If you can see yourself expanding business or rearranging your current layout, you don't want to start from scratch and throw out what you have, either. You want something that meets your requirements for weight capacity, space utilization, and convenience, but it needs to be adaptable. So coming to your rescue is Spider Shelving by Rousseau Metal.

Rousseau Spider metal shelving

Simplicity and Versatility

Rousseau Spider metal shelving such an effective storage solution that we installed a fairly large system for small parts storage in our own warehouse in Sparta, Michigan. We recently added a catwalk mezzanine with more shelving to recover once wasted space and let our workers pick items without the need for rolling ladders. This shows you just one way in which Rousseau Spider metal shelving can be modified to address issues that are peculiar to the layout of your own facility.

Two-level Rousseau Spider shelving utilizing a catwalk mezzanine at Speedrack Midwest in Sparta, Michigan
Remove the catwalk mezzanine and you still have high-rise shelving that perfectly accommodates rolling ladders. Or just as well remove the second-level shelving and lay a deck on top to create space for a new workshop or other operations. This only just scratches the surface of what we can do with Rousseau Spider shelving. You can combine shelving with mini-racking, drawers-in shelving, and modular office stations to create virtually any kind of work environment you need.

Using Rousseau products to build a complete work environment
You've seen how we put Rousseau to use in our own warehouse. Imagine what it could do for yours. Whether it's one thing or many that you're looking for, there's a strong chance there's a Rousseau product that will work for you. Ranging from metal shelving and mini-racking to cabinets, computer stations, and mobile storage units, you can get what you need to serve you in your given field.

We're stocked with basic pre-owned Rousseau Spider shelving components to get you started. Reduce your costs by taking this route, and then consider all the ways you can add on. It's a good time to get excited about building a new storage system, and we're here to help make it happen.