Thursday, October 9, 2014

Used Portable Stack Racks On Sale

$25 For Excellent Pre-Owned Portable Stack Racks

We've recently come by a number of used portable stack racks from a pallet rack liquidation. These stack racks measure 28" W x 44" D x 34" H and are on sale for $25 apiece. As you can see in the photos, several of them come fit with plywood panel side and bottoms. Each unit sells with a single bed, four corner posts, and plywood if included.
Used 28" W x 44" D x 34" H metal stack racks

Benefits of Portable Stack Racks

Stack racks offer a great way to arrange your storage space in whatever way you want, and to change it whenever you need. There's also no downplaying the portable aspect of these racks. They can be transported full of material via van truck or flatbed with ease. when not in use they can be efficiently flattened and stowed away to make room for other material.

The stack racks are available for pickup or delivery. They are being stored at our Sparta, Michigan facility. Anyone interested should contact us today!

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