Thursday, October 17, 2013

New 42" x 192" and 48" x 192" Teardrop Uprights In Stock

New 42" x 192" and 48" x 192" Teardrop Uprights in Stock

Speedrack manufactured 42" x 192" teardrop uprights
We've stocked up our Sparta warehouse with new Speedrack K-1000 teardrop uprights, including the standard 42" D x 192" H size and the deeper 48" D x 192" H frames.

Why should you choose these K-1000 uprights? Well for one thing, the K-1000 is the strongest kind of teardrop rack you can find, its closed column design resisting torsion more than 200 times over any other style of rack with open back columns.

Secondly, our K-1000 teardrop pallet rack is compatible across the board with all other teardrop rack. Shaved or round rivets work just fine, so you don't need to worry about wobbly load beams when you install K-1000's in your warehouse.

3" x 2 3/4" closed column design for maximum strength

Superior project management and customer service

These 42" D and 48" D uprights will work with many standard systems, but we're committed to supplying you with the correct equipment. Before you purchase, we'll make sure that these uprights,or any pallet rack for that matter, will work with your existing system. In order to give you the best new storage solution, we'll work with you to research your building and shipping procedures to design a system that delivers the highest level of safety and efficiency.

Email or call us at 616-887-8886 to order these 42" x 192" or 48" x 192" teardrop uprights, or to discuss different available rack sizes and custom pallet rack solutions. Get a fresh start today!