Thursday, July 17, 2014

Michigan Liquidation Offers Up Paltier Pallet Rack and More

We have a big announcement this week with the recent acquisition of a large supply of pre-owned Paltier pallet rack. These are coming from a liquidation we're performing in our very backyard in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Everything is in hand now and we're finishing up with sorting out all parts and sizes. Everything looks great, and it'll look even better once it's loaded on another truck and headed to your place! If you want a refresher on the difference between Paltier and teardrop rack, check out our previous post here.
Paltier pallet rack from our Grand Rapids, MI liquidation
More news will be coming down the pipe. Besides the Paltier pallet rack, some structural pallet rack, cantilever rack, and assorted wire mesh deck made the journey to our warehouse as well. Product announcements are on the way for other equipment. In the meantime here's a general look at what we now have in stock from the liquidation.
Our last shipment of Paltier pallet rack arrives from our Grand Rapids, MI liquidation

Paltier pallet rack load beams

  • (125) 4" x 60" Paltier load beams
  • (20) 4" x 74" Paltier load beams
  • (1000) 4" x 96" Paltier load beams
  • (56) 6" x 96" Paltier load beams
  • (8) 4" x 108" Paltier load beams
  • (100) 6" x 144" Paltier load beams

Paltier pallet rack uprights

  • (7) 34" x 57" Paltier uprights
  • (42) 34" x 120" Paltier uprights
  • (6) 34" x 168" Paltier uprights
  • (3) 34" x 192" Paltier uprights
  • (8) 36" x 144" Paltier uprights
  • (5) 42" x 120" Paltier uprights
  • (2) 42" x 144" Paltier uprights
Paltier pallet rack uprights banded together and ready to ship!
Contact us now for pricing and to tell us what you're looking for. You won't find this much Paltier pallet rack in one spot, and it won't be around for long!

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