Monday, January 26, 2015

Pre-owned Interlake New Style Pallet Rack Uprights Are Now In Stock

Interlake 42" x 180" New Style Uprights In Stock

Now ready to ship from our Sparta, MI warehouse, these 42" x 180" Interlake new style uprights are in excellent shape.

42" x 180" Interlake new style uprights


  • Interlake 42" x 180" New Style Upright
  • Model # IU77-42x180
  • 3" x 3" Open Column
  • 33,000 Lb Capacity
  • Color Green

What Makes Interlake New Style Rack Different?

Since these are Interlake new style uprights, you need to be aware of what distinguishes them from regular teardrop pallet rack.
New style uprights are generally compatible with most other brands of teardrop rack, but due to the shape of the hole pattern on new style uprights, only certain teardrop load beams will fit.

Left: Standard Teardrop Upright. Right: New Style Teardrop Upright
Notice how the holes in new style uprights are squared off and more rigid than normal teardrop holes? Only load beams with shaved rivets (or pins or lugs; you'll find they're called many things!) will fit in these holes. Some teardrop load beams have rounded rivets, so it's crucial to note this small detail when mixing parts together for your pallet rack.

None of this is meant to turn you away from new style teardrop pallet rack. It's incredibly easy to find new and used load beams with shaved rivets, so new style rack is always a viable option for teardrop users. Our own Speedrack K-1000 teardrop load beams come standard with shaved rivets.

An example of shaved rivets on pre-owned teardrop load beams at our Sparta, Michigan warehouse
Consider this one more tip for navigating a market flooded with incompatible styles and brands. You don't to be in possession of a pile of beams and and bundle of uprights that don't agree with one another, and you should never try to modify them to make them fit together. We're here to make sure you don't find yourself in that situation.

Contact us about these new style uprights or other pallet rack-related concerns today!

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  1. These pallet racks look really nice, and really easy to use. I work in a warehouse, and our racks are getting old. They can be difficult to use and set up. It would be so beneficial if we could get new racks that are easier to use. I will talk to my boss about getting new shelving like the ones you picture. Thanks for the great post!