Thursday, August 29, 2013

Custom-built aluminum safety barriers and enclosures

Maytec aluminum enclosure with wire woven mesh
If you're in search of a solution for machine and perimeter guarding, safety fencing, or security gating, a custom-built safety barrier may be just what you need. Through a number of strategic partnerships, we can offer custom-built solutions to establish a clear line of separation between humans and valuable property or dangerous machinery.

Locking enclosure for secure tool storage
Take this for example. A client of ours that works in public utilities asked for a secure enclosure to store tools in its vehicle service garage. The company was expanding its fleet services so wanted a higher degree of organization to help its workers. We constructed a simple locking mesh enclosure with peg boards and room for storage cabinets in an area with wide clearance and high visibility.

Aluminum extruded parts slot together for easy assembly
In addition we provided double stacked cages for further equipment storage along an interior wall. All in all, this represents a myriad of possibilities in which barriers and enclosures can boost your company's efficiency by improving its security.

Modular locking cages serve as centralized equipment storage units
Faztek and Maytec aluminum extrusions are some of the products we use to design your custom-built solutions. Not only are you getting the most durable solutions, but ones that can be built to order and quickly assembled. Contact us at 616-887-8886 to order your custom-built safety barrier today.

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